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Mission Statement

In today's ever-changing world of fast paced technology, Managed Futures investors and futures traders need a brokerage they can count on to listen to their needs, a brokerage that puts their client’s needs ahead of its own, a brokerage that will take the time to help its clients understand the potential profit opportunities and more importantly the risks involved in the commodity markets.

We believe every client has his or her own unique needs and requirements. It is our job to adapt to meet those needs by providing our clients the flexibility in account types that will help them achieve their goals. Essex Asset Management is an experienced, professional firm that believes in the concept of old fashioned full service, whereby each client has a one on one relationship with their broker and the Principals. When possible we try and meet all our clients and have an ongoing personal business relationship with them. We are dedicated to providing our clients the most complete service available in the futures industry.

In our opinion, Professionally Managed Futures offers the best alternative for our clients to properly diversify their overall investment portfolio. Pension funds and sophisticated investors are putting money into managed futures because they want to balance and reduce risk in their investment portfolios. The trick to lowering risk, according to Modern Portfolio Theory, is diversification. That means adding types of investments whose values don’t necessarily move in lockstep with assets already in a portfolio. Managed Futures, a separate asset class with almost a zero correlation to the stock market and the economy in general, fits this description quite nicely.

We encourage you to investigate placing a portion of your assets with an experienced Managed Futures firm, Essex Asset Management with over twenty years of experience that specializes in the fastest growing and most popular alternative asset class in the world, Managed Futures. Essex Asset Management specializes in finding Money Managers (CTA’s) with established performance track records that can balance your needs for risks and potential rewards. 

Essex Asset Management looks forward to helping you achieve your futures trading needs and investment goals. Trading in the futures markets involves risk and the selection of your brokerage is an important decision. It is our fervent desire to provide our clients the service, professionalism, friendliness and experience they deserve. It is our hope that you will choose Essex Asset Management for your commodity investing and trading needs and services. We look forward to earning your business.

Trading futures and options involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. There are no guarantees of profit no matter who is managing your money. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. An investor must read and understand the Commodity Trading Advisors current disclosure document before investing.
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